Our Vision


opening up our world through language study

In our many years of homeschooling, we have consistently noticed one area where opportunity for homeschoolers is lacking – foreign language education.  There are a variety of online options and the occasional class being offered at a co-op, but language is best learned when studied with other people, when studied consistently, and when taught by someone who is trained to teach languages.  Many of the programs used by homeschoolers are not adequate and will not be accepted by universities for high-school credit. We are hoping to provide better options for homeschoolers in the Conroe/Montgomery area.

We might be a bit biased toward foreign language study, but we believe that learning another language changes us in a way that no other subject can.  When you learn to speak another language, another world, that had been closed to you before, suddenly opens before your eyes.  There are now millions of people with whom you can communicate; people whose lives you can share, stories you can read, and songs you can sing. 

We are starting off small, but we have big plans for The Thinkers Cottage.  We hope to one day have a free-standing building where we can have a large selection of foreign language classes – Latin, Greek, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and more!  We also hope to have an extensive foreign language library available to our students and summer trips to the countries whose languages we are studying.  In fact, this summer (2019) we are taking our first group of Russian students to Kiev, Ukraine for a month-long Russian immersion program!

We invite you to join us on this journey.  Come learn with us!